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Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Real estate transactions are some of the largest business deals made throughout the world today. Because of this, both individuals and businesses involved in real estate transactions of any kind should retain the help of a knowledgeable real estate transactions and litigation lawyer. Managing partner at Orsinger Law Group, P.C., Trevor Orsinger and his team, haves extensive experience in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law. Whether you are in the market for a home for your family or building for your business, or you are looking to sell your current property, contact Orsinger Law Group, P.C. today to learn more about how our team can help you.

Residential Real Estate

For most people, a home is the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime. You can protect that investment by working with an experienced attorney who will guide you in making sound decisions. Some areas in which Mr. Orsinger and his team have extensive experience include the following:

  • Liens: Liens make it impossible for homeowners to sell their houses, and impossible for buyers to purchase their dream homes. Our team assists owners in the negotiation, settling, and removing of these encumbrances so that they may sell their homes or transfer titles.
  • Real Estate Disputes: Real estate disputes arise more often than you might think, and can stem from any number of instances, including but not limited to disagreements over easements, access, and encroachments. Mr. Orsinger and his team work with clients to obtain a favorable outcome. If necessary, we take the case to court and fight to ensure that our clients can enjoy the property for which they paid.
  • Contract Preparation: Having a sound and legally binding contract in place that addresses your unique situation is imperative to the success of your transaction. Orsinger Law Group, P.C. is experienced in drafting contracts with clear language, zero loopholes, and all the protections our clients desire.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Smart business owners understand that where they conduct business is just as important as what types of products or services they sell. Large and small businesses alike rely on their locations to ensure a steady stream of customers and income. If you have found the ideal property for your company but have discovered difficulties in obtaining it, our team is prepared to fight on your behalf for an outcome that allows you to use the property in a manner in which you see fit. Some issues that we routinely help clients resolve via litigation include the following:

  • Easements, zoning, and eminent domain issues
  • Land use
  • Property development
  • Sale and purchase disputes
  • Liens
  • Commercial landlord/tenant matters
  • Adverse possession
  • Construction defects
  • Real estate fraud claims

Commercial real estate transactions in particular are unique and can be especially challenging. This is because there is a great deal at stake. Our team uses our in-depth knowledge of the law and litigation experience to work toward favorable outcomes no matter the obstacles that your situation may present.

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If you plan on involving yourself in a real estate transaction of any kind, or if you find yourself embroiled in a real estate dispute, retain the help of an experienced and aggressive Illinois real estate transactions and litigation lawyer. Contact Orsinger Law Group today to learn more.